The Total Child Academic Program (TCAP) is a center based curriculum designed to allow a child to develop in all areas of growth; Physical, Emotional, Social, Academic and through Individual Creativity. Centers are created in 3 different learning styles: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Through these centers, children are given an opportunity to learn the concept being taught in an approach that best suits their individual learning style. The TCAP is a program that continually encourages our children’s curiosity, excitement, imagination, and fosters a love for learning. Our program encourages children to develop additional skills in areas of critical thinking, self-direction and co-working with others.

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Infants/ Wobblers: 6 weeks through 12 months

At this tender age, each little one has his/her own sleeping and eating schedules. With this in mind, we cater to each child’s needs while providing stimulating interaction that fosters emotional and physical growth.

Our infant program is designed to provide an atmosphere where your baby feels safe, secure and loved. The Infant Room staff is knowledgeable in the age appropriate activities and benchmarks your baby needs to foster their growth. Your baby will receive special one to one bonding with caregivers, special floor time activities for developing gross motor skills, body strength, music introduction and story time to begin language development.

The Infant Room staff at TCA looks forward to meeting you and your little one.

Toddlers: 12 months through 30 months

In this wonderful age of discovery, our first priority is to provide a nurturing and safe environment, while introducing children to a more structured environment. Socialization and relationship building skills are introduced. Monthly themes are emphasized through weekly art, literature and other group work. Skills are reinforced through a guided play approach that consists of learning centers and free choice. Class time is filled with hands-on activities using a variety of manipulative materials such as blocks, puzzles, play dough and paints. Through interactive and hands-on activities, as well as teacher guidance, toddlers begin to develop skills of body awareness. An introduction to math concepts (big vs. small) and language skills through sound, finger play, repetition, story/ book time and music are explored.

The Toddler Room staff at Tigard Children’s Academy looks forward to meeting you and your little one.

Jr. Preschool: 2 ½ through 3 ½ years

The emphasis is on continuing emotional, physical and cognitive growth while also developing social skills. Children are introduced to structured group learning.

The Jr. Preschool program at Tigard Children’s Academy is a continuation of the Total Child Academic Program. Teachers set up center activities in all areas of learning styles; Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic. Through these center based activities, children are encouraged, assisted and have fun learning to reach the following goals and skills:
1) Develop self-esteem and independence
2) Develop communication skills to express their needs, wants and feelings in appropriate ways.
3) Develop an awareness of others and the world they live in.
4) Begin to develop language skills, identifying letters, letters to print and print to labeling objects.
5) Develop gross and fine motor skills through fun games and other teacher directed activities.
6) Develop critical thinking skills for solving, understanding and applying the new concepts that are learned.

The Total Child Academic Program Curriculum in the Jr. Preschool classroom is all about creating an environment that fosters a desire to attain new information, which encourages continued curiosity for learning and the critical thinking skills to apply what is learned.

The Jr. Preschool Room staff at Tigard Children’s Academy looks forward to meeting you and your little one.

Preschool: 3 ½ through 4 ½ years

Children at this age are still working on the developmental skills they started to learn in Jr. Preschool, but at a higher level. The Total Child Academic Program center based curriculum continues to focus on challenging children to develop their skills in all areas of development; Social, Physical, Academic and through Individual Creativity.

Through the Total Child Academic Program centers, children are given opportunities to learn new concepts through hands-on activities, independent fun work sheets and working with the teacher in a small group or a one to one setting.

The Preschool Room staff at Tigard Children’s Academy looks forward to meeting you and your little one.

Pre-K: 4 ½ through 5 years

Our Total Child Academic Program goal for our Pre-K class is to create a positive learning experience that will give your child the opportunities to grow in all areas of development; Social, Physical, Academic and through Individual Creativity. In the Pre-K classroom, children continue to use the TCAP curriculum and center based rotation. Centers are more academically structured to prepare children for their next stage of development at the elementary school level.

Centers are set up to foster all learning styles; Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. The TCAP centers encourage children at this age to develop their critical thinking skills and to become more independent learners through the help and guidance of their teachers. The TCAP centers include hands-on activities, independent critical thinking work sheets and an opportunity to work with the teacher in a small group or a one on one setting.

The TCAP Pre-K curriculum is designed to promote in each child the belief that there is nothing they cannot succeed at!

The Pre-K Room staff at Tigard Children’s Academy looks forward to meeting you and your family.

After School Program:

Our After School Program is designed to give school age children a fun, safe and relaxed atmosphere to continue learning as they prepare for a positive future. Utilizing our TCAP curriculum, our monthly Character Trait is incorporated into daily activities, along with homework help, snack, arts & crafts and outside time. Our program allows for creativity in a secure setting that fosters respect for each individual.

Drop off and pick-up from your child’s school is included. And, we also offer full-day care, days off and extended breaks, including summer.

The After School Room Staff at Tigard Children’s Academy looks forward to meeting you and your family.

Physical Education

Utilizing our large covered outdoor play area, teacher directed activities are part of our daily curriculum all year round. Offering two large size play grounds, we are able to accommodate various age groups and activities.


Throughout the day, music is used to enhance each activity. It may be during dance, poetry, language development, or naptime. It may be with CD’s, or just making our own. Music is also used as a way of introducing pre-math skills through the rhythm and beats.


Painting, using fine motor skills with scissors, drawing, and making collages…Our art activities emphasize the “process” not the “product”. All children experience success in art. We encourage creativity, as well as reinforcing fine motor control and learning concepts such as color, shape and texture.

Summer Program

During the summer months, we offer various in-house events and activities such as a magician, puppet theatre, reptile exhibit, hands-on science, arts and crafts, outside water play, picnics and parades.

*Additional summer fees vary based on planned activities.

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